How it works

Just $40 per year

  • Lower prices on each massage
  • No contracts, automatic monthly charges, or membership cards
  • 20% off all massages in your birthday month
  • 10% off all gift card and gift certificate purchases
  • Special Members-Only discount days
  • $10 referral credit for new local clients

*Referral credit does not include for other members of household. One membership may be used for a household (such as between spouses) but all appointments must be made under the purchaser's name.

Why Membership?
When I started Lunar Massage I picked the name for its monthly connotation, intending to follow the monthly membership model of popular massage chains in the suburbs. Since I opened in March 2009, I decided to not do the contract model because people were backing off of contracts and memberships as part of tightening up their budgets in the recession.  So instead I went with the easy, annual fee membership as another way to make Lunar Massage the best place in DC for high quality massage and bodywork that's not overpriced.

I want to make a neighborhood massage studio as common as a local yoga studio, nail place, gym, etc. As always, I believe massage should not be only available in luxury form, but also as an affordable, accessible therapeutic service for everyone.

I hope you'll find that adding maintenance massage to your life greatly increases your health and happiness.