Lunar Massage locations are not spas.

No robes, no body scrubs, no cheesy extras. Just excellent, targeted bodywork.


Where's the menu of massage types?
We do not sell massage by its "modality" or style. We want our therapists to use everything they know in every session. Whatever amount of time you choose is a collaborative time with your therapist to accomplish what you need.


What the heck is dry massage? 

The kind of massage for which you do not get undressed. It's best to wear fitting, comfortable clothes if possible.  Dry massage is more like a sports massage and can be more energizing than relaxing. Your therapist uses techniques (trigger point, acupressure, stretching, Thai, etc) that don't require cream and skin-on-skin contact.


What about traditional massage?

We do that as well. We call it "sheeted" because there are sheets on the massage table and you'll be covered on the areas not actively being massaged. We don't use oil with those; we use a hypoallergenic cream.

What about pre-natal massage?

Only certain therapists are pre-natal certified. Please call the studio to schedule a pre-natal appointment so we can put you with the right therapist. We can't offer pre-natal in Union Station because we can't properly bolster you for comfort given space limitations.

One phone number: 202-560-3575. Email us schedule(a) Therapist jobs email stephen(a)


First-time clients: We may require a $25 non-refundable deposit for first-time clients to hold a weekend appointment. 


Cancellation Policy: Please cancel within 24 hours for appointments made in advance. A $50 cancellation fee may be charged for last minute cancellations or no-shows. Pre-paid appointments are NOT refundable if there's a same-day cancellation.


Late arrival: If you are late for your appointment it will be cut short accordingly but you will still be charged the full session.

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